Goddess Without Borders


Thank you for visiting Goddess Without Borders, a crowd-sourced online collection of sacred works, holy texts, reverent art, and shared wisdom for those dedicated to The Goddess, or to specific Goddesses in myth and world religion. All are invited to browse the pages of this site as a source of inspiration, renewed devotion, remembered echoes, and cross-cultural communion.

The Goddess arises in the questions that drive our inquiry. She twirls in the dynamic dance of transformation. She swishes her skirts to the music of Her own laughter. She soothes the cries of the suffering with Her own tears. She rages and storms when change is necessary, and follows Her lashing rains with rainbows and new growth.

The Goddess is found in ancient texts and future dreaming. She is the source of All and the fertile darkness unto which All returns. She is the journey as well as the destination. She is the truth of love that resides in the deep holy places of the soul. She is Mother, Teacher, Lover, Sister, Guide, and Friend. She is Here, in these pages. She is There, in your heart.

Blessed be.

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